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Towing Service WordPress Theme
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Towing Service WordPress Theme

 Do you need a website for your company that offers road assistance?  The Towing Service WordPress Theme has everything you need to help you create a fully functional website. No coding skills required! Yes, you read that right. This towing service template was specially designed to be simple and extremely user-friendly.

The Towing Service WordPress Theme includes up to 15 custom page templates. These templates can greatly minimize the time required in building your website pages. You can build a contact page with customizable contact forms. You can also build a portfolio page, or even leads and sales pages. Everything you need is right within your reach.

In the towing industry, most of your target customers will be likely in the road. This is when they have the need to deploy your service. And what would be the most convenient way for them to contact a towing service? Of course, it will be through their mobile phones. That is the very reason why the Towing Service WordPress Theme  was designed to be fully responsive. Your website will still look good even on small screens.

There are other avenues that your target clients will use, if not through your towing service website. Most of them will resort to the easiest way of finding a towing service. One of these is through Facebook and other social media. This is where you’ll find this template’s special features useful. One of these features is its Facebook ready design. Another one is its social profile integration. You’ll be able to connect your website to all your social media accounts. By doing this, your online visibility increases.

With the Towing Company Website Template, you can satisfy your visitors about the reliability of your business. This template has the premium testimonials feature.

Do you feel like being left in the dust by your competitors? Then let this template make you regain speed on the race. Everything starts from internet queries. Considering that, this towing service template has an SEO optimized design. You’ll be able to target your audience with different keyword options. This will convert those generated queries into leads. That’s because your website will easily reach the top page of search engines.

Towing Service WordPress Theme Niches

The Towing Service WordPress Theme  best caters to websites in the towing services. However, we have also developed this theme to work perfectly for any website with any niche or business nature. These niches include…

The Towing Company WordPress Theme is powered by RewardThemes framework. This template provides you a flexible homepage layout. This layout can be fully optimized through our theme options panel.

This towing company website template is continuously updated. It is also implemented with thoroughly tested new technologies. Updates are normally released with new WordPress releases. We send change notifications when you are subscribed to our news feed or mailing list.

We also value suggestions from our customers! If there is any functionality you’d like to see added, simply drop a line here. You can also click the “Support” link above this page. We’ll do our best to include your requests in a future release of the Towing Company WordPress Theme.


Towing Service WordPress Theme Features At A Glance


Towing Service WordPress Theme | Easy Installation & Setup

Easy Installation & Setup
Meke your website just like our demos within a few minutes.

Advanced Theme Options
Empowers you to create your website with full flexibility.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Advanced Theme Options
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Unlimited Color Option

Unlimited Color Option
You can quickly and easily change the color of your Website.

SEO Optimized Design
Our SEO optimized coding helps you to get ranked quickly.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | SEO Optimized Design
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Translation ready

Translation Ready
You can translate this theme to your own language.

Compatible with latest version of WordPress
We really work hard to do it.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Compatible with latest version of WordPress
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive
All themes are 100% mobile optimized and will look sweet on any device.

Custom CSS
It's pretty easy to make some tweaks. No need to mess with theme CSS files.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Custom CSS
Towing Service WordPress Theme | eCommerce Ready

eCommerce Ready
You can create a fully functional eCommerce Website in no time.

Top Notch Professional Support
We will be always with you when you really need us.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Top Notch Professional Support
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Unlimited Premium Slider

Unlimited Premium Slider
Built-in premium slider with a lot of options.

Premium Testimonials
Built in testimonial that will help you to gain trust to your visitors.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Premium Testimonials
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Social Profile Integration

Social Profile Integration
Easy to use social bookmarking features.

Built-in Portfolio System
Create and showcase your portfolio easily.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Built-in Portfolio System
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Built-in Image Gallery

Built-in Image Gallery
You can easily create image galleries even gallery slider.

Facebook Ready Design
Easily Display Entire Website or a Specific Page on FB With Ease.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Facebook Ready Design
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Theme Documentation

Theme Documentation
All of our themes comes with complete documentation.

Lead & Sales Pages
Built in lead pages will help you to increase conversion.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Lead & Sales Pages
Towing Service WordPress Theme | 15 Custom Page Templates

15 Custom Page Templates
Custom page templates will help you to make a unique website

Custom Widgets
Built-in 5 custom widgets that can increase your sells and conversion.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Custom Widgets
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Lots and LOTS of Shortcodes

Lots and LOTS of Shortcodes
We have added a lot of shortcodes that will make your life easy.

Widget Ready Sidebar & Footer
11 widget ready areas will help you to make your website will full flexibility

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Widget Ready Sidebar & Footer
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Valid and Secure Code

Valid and Secure Code
We have followed all the latest coding standard to make your website more secure.

Advanced Typography Options
It empowers you to make changes to your website the way you want.

Towing Service WordPress Theme | Advanced Typography Options
Towing Service WordPress Theme | Footerbar Layout Option

Footerbar Layout Option
You will love this option and it will make your website unique from others.

New Features
We are workign hard to bring you new features.

Towing Service WordPress Theme |New Features
Towing Service WordPress Theme | On Demand Tutorials

On Demand Tutorials
We even make on demand tutorials for you. Just get us a email what you need.

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